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IT之家此前报道,2021 年,苹果将推出一项新的 App Store 应用追踪透明度功能,该功能要求开发商在跨其他应用和网站追踪用户之前,必须得到用户的许可。该功能最初计划在今年秋季 iOS 14 上发布,但苹果将推出时间推迟到 2021 年初,以给开发者更多的时间来规划。

It home has previously reported that Apple will launch a new app store app tracking transparency function in 2021, which requires developers to obtain permission from users before tracking users across other apps and websites. The feature was originally planned for release on IOS 14 this fall, but Apple delayed its launch until early 2021 to give developers more time to plan.